RS232: increase baud rate up to 76800 or 250000 possible?

hi there,

is it possible to increase the baudrate in the RS232 node up to 76800 or 250000? the baudrate pin shows me different options (1000000, 115200, …) but neither the 76800 nor the 250000 is shown. or can i just use the ones from the pulldown menu?

thanks for reading this and hope to get an answer.


yes, only the ones from the pulldown… but if you are a coder you could write a plugin for your device with your own serial port communication, or you tell us the missing baud rates (if they are in common use) and we could try to add it to the options of the rs232 node in the next release.

at the moment i use a baud rate of 38,4k to control 7 AVR ATmega 16 MHz through rs232. with this rate there is a relative error of 0,2 %. with 57.6k i’ve got a relative error of 2,1% which is not acceptable for this project. so the next rates could be 76,8k (with 0,2%), 115.2k (-3.5%) 230.4k (8.5%) and 250k (with 0%!!!). higher baud rates are not interesting for me. i would be very happy if i can double the baudrate or in the best case go up to 250k.
actually i’m not into coding. but if you could bring baud rates of 76800 and/or 250000 in the next release of the rs232 node this would be awesome! hope to find more people out there who share my wish.

thanks, k

that would be great. i’m for it!!!

hey, i just openend vvvv and saw, that there is a RS232 (Devices Spreadable) plugin in the addonpack. just use this one. there you can type in the baudrate by hand.

ahhhhhh. great node! thanks!