RS232 (Devices Spreadable) vvvv_45beta29.2_x64 rs232.dll doesnt exist

I have the addon pack installed and the normal rs232 devices string example works but the spreadable version comes up red pointing to a missing rs232.dll.

There also seems some mismatches generally with the rs232 nodes some expecting string input and others expecting raw input.

Some clarity would be nice as its not that easy to figure out if arguments get returned correctly. It would also be nice to add some buffer overflow detection. …not that I would know how

hei nava,

missing in 64bit builds lists the spreadable rs232 plugin as still missing. so thats official.

then you see two more nodes:

where the string version is supposed to be for compatibility with the old version of the node (pre b29) but the RS232 (Devices) is the one you should be using now.

as i asked in the other thread if the string-version is not working for you: are you by any chance on a chinese or other non-central-european windows system?

so no mismatch. hope that clarifies it.

Thanks Joreg for the clarification about what node is which.