RS232 COM ports capped at 32?

So… sitting here with an Arduino Lenoardo on COM33 but the rs232 node only lets me select COM1-COM32

Are the COM-ports capped at 32 or should I look elsewhere to find the problem?

you can set the comport in windows device manager

I found out how to clean up COM-ports:

"I got this to work on Windows 7 64bit! The trick was to open the Command Prompt as administrator and start the Device Manager from the same command prompt.
1. Right-click “Command Prompt” in Accessories and choose “Run as Administrator”
2. Enter “set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1″ – without the quotes obviously
3. Enter “start devmgmt.msc”
4. In the box that opens, select “Show hidden devices” in the ‘view’ menu.
Now if you expand the section on COM ports, all the COM ports that have ever
been created will be displayed, the non present ones being in grey. You can
uninstall away anything that you don’t want (right click, select uninstall)."


But is there any reason to only be able to pick an arbitrary number of ports?