RS232 COM not found in list


I am building a simple sketch that connects to the Arduino via the RS232 node. According to the Arduino IDE it is connected to COM46. However, the VVVV RS232 node has a max COM32. Is there a way of solving this e.g. changing the USB COM address of the computer or extending the COM list in the RS232 node? Thanks for your time. Best regards.

My apologies for not having researched online first. A solution is found in the following link that shows how to change the COM address of a USB port. Luckily my COM1 and COM2 are unused:

Another solution would be useful in case someone does not have a free COM port?

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If the Arduino can select COM port 46, I want vvvv also to be able to select COM port 46!!!

Are you using the legacy RS232 node or the new one? The legacy version registers an enum with 32 entries, the new one creates an enum based on the reading from the system. For example if you don’t have a COM port the enum will have 0 entries.