Rs 232 problems

I want to receive data from the rs 232 node, from a CAN-Converter. But a part of the data is missing. The data comes as a string “1 254” “2 45” “3 23 48 27 58” “4 0.54” every 150ms. I receive them some times as “1 254” “2 45” “3 23 48 27 58” “4 0.54” and some times as
“1 254
2 45
3 23 48 27 58”
“4 0.54”
and some times a part of the data is missing. With Hyperterminal I received the Data correctly. Is it to fast for the node or is there a buffer overrun? What can I do?
The setting of the node is:
Baud Rate 115200
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1
No Parity
No Handshaking

I know that trouble, use the tokenizer, it is because vvvv runs in a certain framerate, and so sometimes data gets recieved between 2 frames.

Read this (title: split node) thread to understand how it works, scroll to the bottem for Oschatz wise words.

Tokenizer (String) should help you.
Depending on what data you are expecting you should set Mode and Separator

hi there

I have a potentiometer on my arduino, got it all working out but the code i get from my rs232 gives sortof something like this

€˜À€ and a lot of that kind of weird stuff

what can i do about that, I should be expecting something real values-like cant work it out with tokenizer, spellvalue and that sort.

Is my signal from arduino corrupt?

I have an old arduino atmega8-16pu with 9600 baud rate


more clear, this is sort of what I get:


hi all
got it working already!

something was wrong in the order I handled in
but its working now