Routing OSC

Hi there

I am sorry i have to ask probably basic question

I am trying to route Touchosc from my Android, example i got from tread from vvvvorum doesn’t work form me duno why.
since i worked with PD i am thinking about routing message depending on their append prefix.

but VVVV has different goals i guess

my idea is to get all possible addresses into one spread and then getting their indexes by matching address coming form osc and with this index open switch to route message.

but my simple problem is i cant find out which object can tell me the index of matching slice from spread

better i attache my patch

or maybe my idea is totally wrong and there is some true vvay?


touchOsc_route.v4p (9.9 kB)

Hi babarerik , here i attached a little example osc i did long ago for some workshops .comments are in spanish sorry . hope it helps .

I remember i tested Touchosc patch from the hexler site i think it was from ampop and also other from the forum both worked .


OSC UDP TUT.rar (4.6 kB)

thanks colorsound

the examples worked but had to rewrite addresses

i checked your patch i understand i can spread the OSCDecoder but i’d like to route values by their addresses without using 15 OSCDecoters

I am looking for way to do it by one object kind of GetSlice (GetAddress)

So more clear :
Need get index of slice matching input string

ok i finally made patch but maybe there is simpler vvay


edit: problem with patch i attache is it won’t work with OSCDecoder

incoming-adres_index.v4p (6.1 kB)

uhmm not sure i understand but i think you are looking for sift node ,select node, = string advance . but anyway you may not need that using osc . hope it helps ;D

incoming-adres_index2.v4p (11.7 kB)

Hey that’s exactly i was looking for
thanks a lot