Round Kinect Particle Position To Nearest X


Trying to get a Pixelated/Voxel-y/Minecraft look for Kinect2 particles :P

So far came up with this but it grinds along at 4FPS :O

Any alternative conceptual approaches?


kinect round.v4p (24.8 KB)

Not sure, what the end result you are looking for, but you don’t really need an emitter in that case, there DepthWorld or world depth kinect node, that gives you position texture in World Space you can use to draw your boxes… Basically you can downscale the resolution to get as many boxes as you need…

In case you want to make above example work more then 45 fps, you have to remove readback, and change the shader code that draws your particles to something like:

position = ceil(position / amountOfSteps) * amountOfSteps

Couldn’t find these, are they similar to Depth(Kinect2 Microsoft) and LinearDepthToWorld(DX11.TextureFX)? Here’s what they look like:

Is there a node for this? I tried looking for "asTransform" and "textureTo but didn’t see anything :P

I have no experience with writing shader code (kinda why I got into the visual workflow of vvvv in the first place lol) so I’m afraid I have no idea where to put the “position = ceil…” formula or how to make a pin to control something like “amountOfSteps”…

Ideally I’d like a 3D matrix of boolean true/false values denoting whether a particle is present in a corresponding selection intersect grid. Then I could use it to apply scale transforms to a 3D grid of boxes.

I imagine it like this:


(particles are red)

Thanks again for the help!

The one you are looking for is called World Kinect2

don’t think so

Asking this because are you want this as particle system or plain kinect, you can get it both ways but with different amount of effort… In any case it’s possible with code, nodes no idea really, maybe with instance noodles…

Ok, I found the node you were talking about (World) and I see it outputs a 2D texture. How can I turn this into transform data? Or is this where you were saying you don’t know?


Every pixels of this texture is xyz vector containing position data (where this pixel located in the world space). I’m not aware of anything ready made since to use that you need to write 2-3 lines in the shader code…
I’ll tomorrow if I can hack you quick tutorial…

Thanks! Would be much appreciated :D

Hi so here you go your video:

Little bit cumbersome but I hope it will help
The next chapter I guess will do compute and a 3d grid thingy (1.6 MB)

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@antokhio AMAZING! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this :D A lot of the code is well beyond my knowledge but I’m learning so many concepts by watching this! AND IT LOOKS SO COOL!!! Exactly what I had in mind. Hope it comes in handy for others as well :D I’d be happy to send you a little donation for all the hard work if you have paypal or crypto or something set up!

No worries ;) hope will have time for second part :)

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Looking forward to it, it was really cool to hear you thinking out loud and seeing everything take shape :D Thanks again!