Round corners

Dear All,

I m projecting on a flat surface followed by a rounded surface, i am using the projector patch and i modeled the object in 3d, now when projecting the image is distorted on the edge because of the projectors position, i tried to figure soemthing out with mesh editor or pointeditor or grideditor but not coming to a solution… can anyone help please ?

thank you

well in fact i am using now the grideditor but i still cant manage to add points to edit or change the point positions to edit a certain area only !

can anyone help


may you be a bit more specific ? Are you using the Projector node? If so are you placing properly the real projector in the virtual scene ?

ok ill try to explain things as much as i can:

  1. i created a model in max with rounded shapes (cylinder next to a box)
  2. i applied a texture and export it .x with texture coordinates (UVW map)
  3. i created loaded it in vvvv with xfile, then applied the same texture(it goes perfectly on it)
  4. i set a projector in vvvv and set the model in real life and linked vvvv to a 3000ANSI lumens projector,

the box is mapped perfectly but the cylinder is not since the projector beam is hitting it with an angle… so i want to fix that distortion.

what can i do ?

what can i use ?

  1. i tried using mesheditor but im not able to select vertex it is not working good
  2. i tried to link the rendere of the projector to a dx9texture and then link it to a grid editor where i got some results but the problem is that i am not able to set the point as i want on the grid in other words i want to deform the right side of the grid but i cannot set the point (vertex) in the proper position.

suggestions ? is there any patch that anyone can provide ?

thank you

hi, my guess is u need to use either the homography or the projector node.


if you are using the Projector node and have all the parameters properly set (and live in a perfect world) then the distortion of the projector should be calculated and fixed. Mesh editor should only be used to fix minor differences between that ideal world and Adam and Eve eating apples.
If the scene is rather simple you may be able to use the Homography node in a second pass of the final render, but this is a dirty trick, the best way is to get everything properly measured and parameters set then do little adjusting to the real world.