Rotation & dualhead - aspect ratio problem

hi guys!I have a matrox dualhead connected with 2 projector, this mean my projection is 8:3. I have some shapes

and I want to rotate (roll) them, each one alone. But result is horrible. I guess I must use some aspect ratio… I put it before and after the transformation, without understandable result

so I’m little bit lost… here I put the patch, if someone know how to do it (I guess is really simple, but actually I don’t get it)

Aspect.v4p (21.3 kB)

Like this maybe.

Aspect.v4p (6.7 kB)

merci beaucoup, monsieur clone! :D
problem is, I have that point, or different points. So I don’t need to create in other way the same image, tha 3 poly were only example… try to explain better: I have some points coordinates (coming from other patch) and I need to rotate what I have!

Your path is very élégant one, BTW :)

Do those shapes has to be geometric like that ?

because the way you create them is a bit weird in my opinion. Normally if you want to rotate points coordinates you just have to use Applytransform and Rotate node. Here you create 2D coordinates manually within a certain aspectratio, which makes them wrong in any other cases.

I have some white shapes on the stage, I put the 2 projector over this shape and I map them… this is how I get this shape :)
sometimes are cross, sometime circle, etc etc

ok I got it, I transform with opposite of aspect ratio, rotate, and then the inverse transformation

but is not really nice, I guess there is a more elegant way… I’d like to have only one ApplyTtransform

Aspect01.v4p (15.6 kB)

Can you create a texture using Line with the needed shape, apply it to a quad and then transform the quad?

no, I need to use the coordinates in many different ways (create submeshes, generate lines, etc etc.)

Better, now I have only one ApplyTransform… wondering if is possible to do it better

Aspect02.v4p (15.4 kB)

I’d do this.
One question: why you create a rhombus and then transform it into a quad?

Aspect02_mod.v4p (16.4 kB)