Rotate quads with Homography

I am projecting a few Qauds on a plane and I use Homography to adjust the projection. I use a Grid first to match the projection horizontally and vertically. Now if I move the quads in the x and y axis they move accordingly on the surface of projection but if I rotate them then the angles deform and are not squared anymore.
How do I get a rotation with the quads keeping their 90 degrees angles?

render all your content into a texture and put this on the grid which you mapped on the surface.

Yep that works thanks, now that I ve repatched the whole idea, i get some problems/skipping with video playback, surprisingly enough it gets better when I toggle Debug mode ON… weird isn t it ?
I add the patch so you can have a look at it.

multisala.rar (30.0 kB)

ui… seems like you should put your head a bit around the usage of spreads. the patch works good for me, but this would depend on the video.

concatenating the values of the transforms and using just two instances of the ‘quad’ subpatch would improve the performance.

OK that s something I actually tried to do but Cons didn t work, Stallone neither… so where is the trick? ;)

Here is a quick take on how you can use just two instances of the quad node. just place this one next to your root patch and make sure you have the latest addonpack installed since I am using the new Vector(Spreads Join) plugin from there.


multi-root.v4p (36.0 kB)

And of course I forgot to mention that I didn t add the video to the patch…

Very useful node, I ve been looking for something similar for quite a while…

…and I ve found out that just lowering the anti-aliasing on the 2 middle renderers improve the smoothness of the playback…