Rotate and tilt a sphere


I want to rotate the earth with a external interface. when I rotate the sphere with the earth in y direction everything is fine. when i rotate in x direction i hoped the world tilts to the user. but there a strange behaviuor, it seems like I rotate the local coordinate system.

here a simple approach of the problem.

mind (418.5 kB)

without having looked at your patch my guess is you’re looking for
Rotate (Transform Successive Vector)
its helppatch is note very enlightening, but basically it allows you to rotate something endlessly in all directions… hope that helps

hmm, i am too stupid for this. i want only to tilt the sphere to the user, something about 40 degrees. when I rotate in y direction, the x axle rotation also and the tilt isn’t in the right direction.

like this?

have a look into the user map patch in the girlpower folder.

thanxs, i should do more 3d stuff…