Rope only useable in 2d?

hi guys,

is rope only available as 2D version? i want to reach similar effects like seen here - but i can only transform the rope direction in two dimensions or do i missunderstud something!?


yes its just 2d…

but its possible to patch a 3d version…

and there is that deworm-module by majortom. try to use just a line as intersect element and i think you can use it like a 3d-rope then…

and why not using line (ex9.geometry)?

i am not sure how to apply a texture when using line (ex9…). i will try to patch a 3d version out of rope. so any suggestion there?

much thanks

@woei: line (ex9.geometry) has no depth buffer. It’s always being drawn above anything else.
Having a 3d-enabled line would be a pretty cool feature though…