Root path in boygroup client


i have a boygrouped application that gets local paths to video files via udp (i.e. VertKanal/kanal0.avi). the video files are placed in folders in the same directory as the .4vp file (on cllients and server) and the paths start from this directory. if i try this on only one computer without boygroup everything works fine. if i try with boygroup the server can still handle all the files but the clients don’t. if i connect a tty renderer to the clients i get a message that the path to the video file could not be found. i guess the root path for a boygroup client is set somehow different. any suggestions? (if possible i don’t want to have to work with fully qualified paths…)


the root patch on the client defaults to the directory where vvvv resides.
i think there is a command line option to change it as well.

ya. pls see the first faq in Boygrouping

thx. now everything works fine :)