Rockstar DJ

Saturday night I ll be djing for a little electronic party in town, since I got hooked up with this vvv thing I am mistreated my DJ past so I am a bit rusty and with a bunch of old music in the HD …
I used to spin a lot of break core and IDM stuff, but for the occasion as I ll be opening the party I am looking for soma easy listening down tempo stuff (I ll do visuals of course along…), Boards Of Canada and likesuchas …
So, comment here and advice your friend io …

iTunes, playlist, bar?

would like to see the live visuals to Boards of Canada YEAH!

STS 9, Lotus, Ratatatat and Explosions in the Sky are pretty handsome as well :)!

I have one loop since a while:

Vector Lovers (

Phoebe Kiddo (

and m3t4 (

And I have upped an incredible amount of IDM sets here

I can give you also more track lists if requested.

make sure to pres REC!


and check out
origami sound and bedroom research netlabels :)