Robot Arm

Hello at all…
I’m making a new project using a robot arm making an animation and very simple interaction activated by the user.
Anything know a good quality/price robot arm ???
Here the “basic” specification:

  • total arm extension ( reach) - 180 cm - 220 cm
  • min 6 degree of fredoom
  • load weight about 3 kg
  • obviously compatible with standard code ( if is possible vvvv)

I know only the ABB robot but is more expensive.

Thanks in advance.


Thx Noir…
have you idea about the price?

an acquaintance just bought a used kuka for 8k, and then figured out, that it comes without software, which is actually the more expensive part

which type of kuka?

Hey…it will be a good project. Can you please share the details of your project? What hardware you are going to use to build this? I also built a Robo Arm with 6 DOF. I used the gear motors with 8051.

Hello Nobe,
sorry for the delay.
I was out for job…

The idea is a robot arm with minimun extension of about 180 cm.
The robots makes a coreography in standby mode , like a conversation between the two arm, and in other moment they can reach a simple input with a prerecorded gesture.

Have you an example of your “hand-made” arm :)???



have a look at this ‘project’


wow…it’s fantastic

a bit late: the model aquired was kr210 for the mentioned 8k.

is possible control it with v4?

sorry to jump in like this, but has somebody an ik module for the 6axis arm up for sharing ?

Hi guys,
I’m looking for a robotic arm to control with vvvv. Any suggestions about this topic?

I saw that Meso used ABB robots and they developed the “Real-Time Robot Motion Library” for vvvv.

Anyone know if it possible to test it or buy a licence?


hi @idab, the library and the connection to the robot was written by me at that time. i don’t have the files anymore but i am sure that meso has it in their archives. just contact them and i am sure they will be able to help you out.