RigidBody (Bullet EX9.Geometry) for DX11

RigidBody (Bullet EX9.Geometry) for DX11 or How to generate different Geometries in DX11

I’m trying to build something like RigidBody for DX11, but dont works for me, it may be something I’m doing wrong or a bug in the mesh node (DX11.Geometry Join Subset).

I’m trying to do is create many disitnas geometries by ConvexHull, and then be able to reproduce it renders

Can someone help me? attached a patch to see the problem.

Gracias!, Saludos

IntentRigidBodyDX11.v4p (147.4 kB)

Hello, Simplify patch to better see the problem, anyone with a solution? is a bug in the Mesh (DX11.Geometry Join Subset) node? or not contemplated spread of mesh?

NoProblem (DX9) -> This is what I want to do but DX11
Problem (Dx11) -> does not work

Thank You

noProblem (DX9).v4p (42.1 kB)
Problem (DX11).v4p (46.1 kB)