Rightmouse+Spacebar in VL


I don’t have a mouse with me, got quite used to middleclick with right+spacebar in vvvv. Can we please get that in VL? Would make life easier if you’ve forgotten your mouse. (that comes from me, even though I’m not a huge fan of having middleclick ;) )


in latest alphas middleclick in vl is now ALT+leftclick (was CTRL+leftclick so far).

Ah! Good to know. Thanks.

Just ran into this. It’s pretty confusing, why has Space+rightclick suddenly become Alt+Leftclick?
(p.s. Ctrl+Leftclick in vvvv windows isn’t working for me, Space+rightclick is).

On the same page, and I know its an old topic, Ctrl+W closes vl windows (also c# and shader windows), while it deletes vvvv subpatches. Can you make Ctrl+W for vvvv subpatches behave like Alt+3 please?
I mean if you want to delete a subpatch, you can use Backspace or Delete, no?

@mfo regarding middlemouse alternative:

  • in vvvv: SPACE+rightclick
  • in vl: ALT+leftclick
    i can see how this may cause some confusion. we obviously try to reduce the number of such differences between vl and vvvv but a few we’ll not be able to avoid…

regarding ctrl+w: in order to avoid even greater confusion no changes are planned.

thanks for the info joreg. i supposed there are reasons for the middlemouse confusion, too bad…

ctrl+w would it cause even greater confusion? maybe start a poll about it?
(hope this doesn’t read critical. i’m appreciating the work of you guys a great lot!!)

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