Right click while manipulating value in UI causes whole interface to freeze

vvvv often crashed on me, interface freezes and only way to terminate vvvv is through task manager, no way to salvage any meaning from it, it still runs in the background (sound playing etc.), but the interface is frozen in time along with the renderer windows, cant save or do anything else

I found correlation with my mouse usage! my home mouse has faulty right click, it registers two right clicks sometimes
if i am manipulating value in vvvv, and my mouse glitches and does double right click the bug occurs
sometimes it was totally ok for hours of work, sometimes i am getting these crashes every 5 minutes, I realized it was tied to which mouse i am using

I can replicate it any time with dragging value of integer and trying to randomly right click, it happens especially when vvvv is doing some heavy duty work, it happend to me in various cases

windows 10 x64, any version of vvvv does this, tried several of them, and I also lost hours of work to this thing combined when i forgot to ctrl+s often

here is a video of me trying to replicate it, and succeeding at 0:40

thanks, tracked…

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