Right ALT-key error

is it only on my system that V4 throws an error message when I press the right ALT key?

Error message: Access violation at address 0000000000. Read of access 00000000000

My system is a Macbook Pro, Bootcamp Windows 7 64bit. also works with completely empty patches. Left ALT, no error.

Happened to me too yesterday, Macbook Pro running Win7 64bit on Bootcamp as well.

bad news is, we can’t fix this issue, as not one single line of our code is in the call stack when this exception happens.

good news is, there’s a workround for beta26 and the annoying exception popup won’t appear anymore in upcoming release.
workaround: set your keyboard layout in windows to something other than the one provided by apple. for example on my macbook i set it to ‘German’ instead of ‘German (Apple)’.