Ricoh Theta S getLivePreview Javascript

Greetings Everyone,

I am currently building a mobile application that leverages A Ricoh Theta S camera for 360 images. Within the Ricoh Theta api exists a functionality called getLivePreview. This functionality is intended as sounds.

I am currently working within the javascript ecosystem and to this point have encountered significant issues in getting this functionality to work.

I can send the post request and see that a stream engages but I am unable to access the data of the stream. I can also interrupt the stream and grab the tail of it, which amounts to a jpeg image, which can be rendered.

Has anyone faced this issue? If so, what were your findings?

Are you sure you are talking about vvvv? What do you want to know exactly?

I also thought you were creating a vvvv app, anyway @tekcor, he came here because of

that said should we be able to fix this in JS then it should be fairly easy to port it to vvvv, that project of mine went dead atm but I wouldn t mind to be able to get the preview.


Continuing the discussion from Http multi part mjpeg stream:


How did you figure out that “-----live_preview------” is the right boundary name?

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