RGB to packet data

Im trying to convert RGB data from a patch which will out put the rgb data of a spread to 361 bytes, the first byte will contain the ID of the “string” so the hardware can identify/discard which data it needs to accept.
The second byte will give the red value of the first pixel in the string, the second the green and the third the blue continuing until the string is 361 byes long (each section is 120 pixels long)

Here is an exaple of what I am trying to acheive:

01101111<Data ID (hex 6F) 11111111<Red value 10101110<Green Value 01010111<Blue value


01101111111111111010111001010111…and the rest of the 359 values…

in total there will be 51,840 rgb values for the whole display plus 144 ID values for each set of 120 “pixels”

The attatched patch may make things clearer…

If anyone has any idea how to acheive this or has done something similar, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Pixure.v4p (10.5 kB)

More descriptive pictures…


things like this are very easy: have a spread of colors, them check RGB (Color Split) SpellValue (String) in ASCII mode and + (String Spectral) connect DoSend on an UDP node with a Change (String) node.

Hi Oschatz, thanks for that, i have managed to send out the data to another patch via the UDP node which is a good start!
Ive had another meeting today and we have decided upon a final protcol for the video wall system. We want to use vvvv as the master controoller for all of this particular products applications . Heres the rough spec of what we are trying to do.

We have some of the hardware built which is an led video wall consisting of 30 led panels (6 across and 5 down) and each panel is made up of a matrix of 24 x 24 RGB leds.
Each panel will have its own port number, and each line of each panel will have its own ID and the whole system will use the header ID vidnet.

With vvvv i am trying to output the first 24 pixels of data with ID to be sent to the first panel of th eled wall and routed to the first line, the data will consist as follows.

UDP Packet:
vidnet,port number for panel 1, line number 1 , rgb data for first 24 pixels.

the next packet will be the next 24 lines of pixel data, which will be.

vidnet,port number for panel 2, line number 1 , rgb data for second 24 pixels(25 to 48).

and so on so the screen will scan like a tv.

I am happy to put in the many hours required to to this but arent sure how to split the rgb data into chunks of 72, and insert a header with the desired information.

Is this feasible with VVVV, and how do i start?