RGB led strips

Hallo I’d like to start toying around with RGB led strips, anything the vvvv crowd has to tell me before I hit the Buy Now button?

You are going for the digital (“per segment”) or the 1 color for the entire rol?

There really are quality differences, LED Brightness, individual LED distances, coating, waterproofing etc etc… but for just toying, trolling and trying get the cheapest one :D

Than we have 24 vs 12 volts, 24 volts are more suited if you want to go longer distances with wires (less voltage loss).

If you know how to solder you should be ok, just be sure the wire you are using isn’t too thick, cozz the copper islands are small, but it should be able to carry some current and signal (will not recommend UTP cable any more).

And off course, for longer distances you need a proper power supply.

How are you going to control it? I am still really looking for a way to pump out enough signal to my Arduino to control the digital stuff.

Hi once in a project I had to control 192 1W leds and used these ones:

I assume you are going for addressable RGB strips, I would recommend APA102 prior to WS2812. You can drive them much faster and they also have high PWM frequency resulting in flicker-free experience and documentation.