Anyone know about RFID tracking using triangle detection.?

Is that precise or not ?

I personally havent experience in traingle detection, but rfid at all.
Your precision depends on your surrounding: rfid may cause problems with liquids (especially water) as it covers or disturb radio waves. You may have problems with overlapping rfid antennas and strenghts - best is to trigger them sequentially. And make sure not to get all information/id - it might happen.
At all its possible but some work in it. I remember Arduino has some rfid-modules. May you have a look into their forum too.

I know those little Ultrasonic distance sensors, with a couple of those you could easily calculate positions but i would say only within a reasonable distance, depending on the range of the sensor. Also, as Frank stated you d need a rather clean space in front of them. let me search for those…


I don t know if for your project it could be an alternative to RFID

I’ve used the MaxBotix http://www.maxbotix.com/ MaxSonar EZ1 (have 3 of them) in several projects and though they’re easy to implement and read, my experience using ultrasonic devices vary from hardly usable to ok, depending on your needs. If you want precision, don’t go with ultrasound unless you have a fixed setup without changes.