my RFID Node isnt connected and i dont know whats the reason. the com-port is ok. but i cant find any setting for the baud-rate? It is necessary to add the RS232 node? If yes in whitch order RFID-RS232.

Thanks for your support

the rfid node works only with very specific brands of rfid readers. we never really integrated other readers, as we proved parsing the serial data by means of the RS232 node, Tokenizer, Separate and RegExpr is much easier than writing a node for each brand of receiver.

so i´d suggest dropping the RFID node (execpt you have exactly the given model) and try to patch a parser with the RS232 node.
can you post some details about the serial protocol? like commands, baud rate etc?

many readers can be programmed to use really trivial strings

you a right,

i had dropped the RFID node, and use the rs232 node.
the settings are:

Baudrate 9600
Datenbyte 8
Parität keine
Stoppbits 1
Flusssteuerung keine

now it works to 90 percent, the output must be for example R1D37FA4B02 but VVVV displayed only the last four sign (4B02).

is this a encoding problem?

no i think this is a tokenizing issue. the other data is probably received in the frame before. check if your RFID reader sends something like a carriage return character after each package. then use Tokenizer to store all incoming characters until the final carriage return character appears.

you might need to throw a switch after the RS232, because the RS232 keeps the last data on its output, while the Tokenizer expects to have an empty string at its input when no new data arrived.