RFID Phidget LED output

Hello at all,
I’m working on rfid by phidget.
How can i control the led output of this board?


look at the help patch. it states that the led can be used for debugging purposes, to see if the rfid is working as expected.

if you want to use it differently, you may customize the code into your dynamic plugin

but if i want use the two output led on board, not the debug led?



I am afraid those are not interfaced at all with the plugin. Noone ever seemed to need them yet.

You may be able to add the functionality to the node though, this snippet is taken from the phidget example zip:

//turn on and off output 0, to light a LED for example
        private void Light(RFID rfid, int number, bool lightOn)
            rfid.outputs[number](number) = lightOn;

try to clone or download the sdk, and copy the whole PhidgetRFID folder and drag&drop the csproj file as a dynamic plugin :)