RFID node

Hi vvvvolks!

does anybody have any experience in RFID and vvvv?
I simply want to register a tag (its number) and the duration of its presence.

does anybody already have an (example)patch?

thanks a lot

It depends on the model you use and it’s driver. The ones I’ve seen so far were simply conected to RS232 and thus you just feed the output pin from a RS232 node into a regexpr for example, or use it directly.

Basically, when you add a tag, it sends a number, when it’s pulled off, it sends a 0. That’s it. It gets more complicated when you need to program the tags or need multitag capablilities.

we used one by GIS for the Bootleg Objects.

These come with a setup utility that allows you to adjust behavior like “send on change only” or “send in intervals” .

let us know of your findings.


and if you´re into ordering things from GIS…

the RFID (Devices GiS-TS-HR200) node works even without regexp´ing the result - but i dont now much about compatibility with other vendors rfid tag readers. the node will directly return the programmed ids of the tags. we´d still need to implement the multitag capabilities of the node. anyway,as max already wrote, let us know of your findings…