RF control Arduino thru vvvv

Hi all vvvv.
I wanted to share a way to control Arduino thru RF.
From Ciseco you can buy an Arduino Board with integrated RF: http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/xinorf-100-arduino-uno-r3-based-dev-board-with-radio-transciever/

Together with the URF:http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/urf-radio-module-and-serial-inteface-via-usb/

you just have to set the baud rate @ 57600 on the XinoRF using XCM :

The URF comes up as a COMport select it and your up and running

Hey cool thats briliant.

Does it also work in the other direction? Bidirectional wireless communication without XBEE or bluetooth… or is it just receiving?

And I ask myslef if this one would work with the mini http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/rf-328-arduino-atmega-328-compatible-radio-transceiver-rfu-328/

Just tested with a potensiometer on INPUT pin A0 and jepp it works! :)
About the mini im not sure. Would appriciate if you could give feedback if tested.

While thinking about the mini, i have a fio laying around is the Arduino patch
compatible with arduino FIO?

could you please point out the differences between arduino FR and BT ?
(excepting wireless board programming) facts like connectivity/consumption/latency
i’m planning to use a silver mate, described https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/10089

RF = Radio Frequency. With the RF modules from Ciseco you have the possiblity to choose from 315, 433,5, 868, 868,3 903 and 915Mhz.

BT = bluetooth. With the modules like Mate you have the possibility to chose multiple IDs with the same reciever.
in what domains is RF expected to perform better than BT?
is it connectivity/consumption/latency/range ?

thanks for sharing

Great project!
do you know the maximun distance between rx and tx ?