Reverse video playback?


is it possible to play video files in reverse? if so ,how? maybe there is there a way to record video into a buffer and alter the direction of play back that way (a kind of video smaoler?)

open a Queue (EX9.Texture) and look in its help patch (F1), the Queue is a simple way to store some frames to play it in another order. with GetSlice (Node) you can read out the Queue at an arbitary position …

some codecs do really fast seeking in the file. so you can connect an LFO+map to the position input of the filestream and keep doseek constantly at 1. the reverse pin on the LFO will then play the video in reverse.

which codec it was escaped my mind. note that most windows default codecs will give unsatisfactory results.
perhaps it was the moonlight elecard MJPG codec. tonfilm?

I use picvideo Mjpeg but I imagine any keyframe every frame codec should do!