Retrieving own computername

any idea how to get a string containing the own computername?
orthogonal to IP (Network)

is sure possible with ShellExecute (Windows) but perhaps somebody did this already?

HOSTNAME may be used with the shell and surely with vvvv node you are pointing…

you may see all possible commands inside the shell by typing HELP


well, when i type “help” in the commandline there is no “hostname”…

also with “hostname /?” there is nothing…

you also get the hostname in the outputs of these commands:

{CODE(ln=>)}ipconfig /all
net statistics workstation^

well, thanks, but as result i only get “OK” and this is not the computer’s name…

hi kalle… you are not talking in fact of ms-dos window, thats right ?

if you didn t find any solution it can be very easy for me to make you tonight a little exe sending you in udp the hostname when called. just tell me.

Clipboard01.jpg (40.8 kB)

ok, here a little exe, dont know if it will help you.
be aware about the config texte file:
first line: UDP port number then Size of Array that will contains the hostname and be sended in udp. Actually set to 64.
second line: the network adress where the information will be sended in broadcast.

so now just you have to do is to write a little patch ( youw ill do it more quicker than me). i have to run to work ;-) (312.1 kB)

oups… forgetted to paste hostname in sended buffer !
here is a working exe and its patch. (313.1 kB)

oh karistouf, thats ssssssoooooo nice from you.

but i think this should be possible
*within vvvv
*without use of any externals.

well… kalle… my pleasure. i tried to help from my little competences. you are the vvvv master, not me ! ;-)

hope you will find a solution within vvvv.

but i think pretty possible to have access to msdos commands from vvvv… now how and why and … well… up to you to see .
if you refer to the snapshoat *you may see that HOSTNAME is a valid command and for sure this may be accessible…

meanwhile, a plugin here.

any suggestions on what else it should output?
(workgroup output i’m workin on already)

ComputerInfo.dll (20.5 kB)

thanks woei !
i was fighting to figure out how to return a char with hostname from an int main function in C…
perhaps you could put the different IP opened ?

hey woei!!

if it now was possible to use plugins with vvvv.ex started over LAN…

maybe this helps:

Be aware - this is for a German Windows and uses the Windows System Variable ‘Computername’ - that maybe differ on other language systems!