RESTful HTTP Node issue

Hello vvvvusers,
I’m trying to use the DeepAi API in order to edit local image with an AI prompt.
I’m able to make the request with a RestDebugger but I don’t find the right solution in VVVV.

The API accept files uploaded from the PC and the result is a URL with the output image.

Here the CURL example that i use for testing the API:

-F ‘image=@/path/to/your/file.jpg’
-F ‘text=@/path/to/your/file.txt’
-H ‘api-key:******’

Any idea??


have you seen this course?

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Hey there, is there a link to the API’s documentation?

Not sure how to make use of that -F parameter with VL.SimpleHTTP

Here the link

hello @sebescudie , I’m enrolled in your course but unfortunatly I don’t find the solution.
I check the api in Postman and it’s work perfectly , but i’m not able to send the files form vvvv ( i need to use vvvv instead of VL because I need to include in an old patch)

I upload the patch (67.7 KB)

Hey there,

Not sure I’ll have time to look into this today, will try this week :)

Meanwhile, if the HTTP node won’t work for you, a quick solution could be to call curl with the Execute node?

Ok, perfect.

Thank you so much

Hello Sebescudie, any news about it?


@aelfwine Try making the curl command in vl (all one line I think)


I’ve try it but it doesn’t work.