Restart Module Aplication Error


I’m using restart node. The patch closes but VVVV doesn’t opens again and I got this message: ^
Exception EInvalidPointer in module vvvv.exe at 00005301. Invalid pointer operation.

Restart node works fine by itself as I deleted all other nodes from the patch except restart and self and toggle nodes attached to it and it restarts with no application error.

Tried the same patch in different versions and all of them show the same error.

So I fixed it with a .bat file that waits for 10 seconds before opening the file again since VVVV closes and the .bat file opens the patch very quickly and VVVV was not ready to open.

The patch doesn’t write on the .bat file. This new version of the restart module only closes the patch and opens the .bat file that already has this command:

timeout /t 10 && start "VVVV" "C:\My Folder\my_file.v4p"

Note: You may have to fix a little delay for the DoQuit node.

restart_manual.v4p (3.6 kB)