Resolution of the screen

I am sure it is completely obvious and I am just moronic, please guide me out of the haze:
can I get the resolution of my screen(s) from a clever little node? something like 1280 and 1024 as values out of some pins?

helo zepi, for the record:

you probably don’t need to know the exact screen resolution. the window-node lets you place and scale windows relatively with coordinates from -1 to 1 for both x and y. note, that windows placed like this will be placed the same on every resolution.

btw. i can’t think of a way you can get the absolut resolution right now.

a! you could fullscreen a gdi-renderer and sample/hold its backbufferwidth/height outputs while fullscreen.

and of course you can set the resolution for fullscreen applications. check the Renderer (EX9) in the inspektor.

thanks boys.
the GDI-trick seems to work well…

computeResolution.v4p (6.1 kB)

then it would be great to have an input pin (maybe 2 pins for width and height) for setting the fullscreen resolution of the renderer(ex9)

then anybody know why the aspect ratio needs to be invert for working as it should?

ComputeResolution (System).v4p (7.7 kB)

anybody know why the aspect ratio needs to be invert
for working as it should?

yes. this is by design:

if you connect the AspectRatio node to a Quad it will work as you will expect.

Connecting the AspectRatio to the Renderer will do the exactly the same (because its elegant vvvv style to that connecting transforms to the renderer is the basically same as conneting them to all displayed nodes).

But the Quad has the given AspectRatio.
It is not compensating for a display with the given AspectRatio.
Therefore you need the inverse.

You could use an Inverse node for doing that, but just swapping Width and Height does the same. I admit this is exactly counterintuitive.

so lets hope for a world with better math for christmas…

tnx for the explanation