Resolution 1024x768

hi all. I have a little thing I would like to be sure:

here are 2 snapshot of a video in windows AVI in 1024X768 rez.
1 is from vvvv full screen output with the included patch
the other is with zoom player

as you can notice vvvv output is not so accurate that the player. Is this a problem of my patch or the way that codecs are handled ?

subpatch_MixervideoHD_2V_2IMG_1CAM.v4p (41.4 kB)

images comparison:

comparison.bmp (898.4 kB)


read this. especially oschatzens last answer may help.

hallo joreg,
last answer really helps!

by translating of -0.01 the texture I obtain the normal result on HD videos . thanks a lot !
(that one should be in the video’s faq )

;-) ))))))