Resizing widgets from Group's center


is it possible to resize/scale or transform widget connected to group (or maybe another type of layout) ?

Here the size is changing the position :

ResizeGroupElementa.vl (10.9 KB)

Hey yo,

Maybe you’re looking for the Flexible component ?

I tried with flexible but while I manage to understand how it is supposed to behave I got some weird result and still can use a group or grid to act like a parent to the control within.

ResizeGroupElementa.vl (33.5 KB)

The Group Size is resizing both child individually and the Grid isn’t resizing at all but changing the position.

I’d like to control a bunch of widgets like this :
TransformChild.vl (14.4 KB)

Does this work for you?


DistributeX.vl (16.5 KB)

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Perfect thanks a lot.

I also noticed that the same can be achieved with the hidden transformation pin on the Elementa node but is there any downside in that case ?


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