Resizing layers based on other layer's size ("stacking quads")

I’m trying to create something like a notification system for learning. Messages can have different heights but I want to place them neatly on top of each other (Y axis)

Just testing ways to achieve this using quads but I’ve been trying for many hours now and I think there must be a better way.

approach #1

  • changing the height of one of the boxes should influence the position of all other boxes accordingly so they “stack” neatly
  • how could I pass this information on to all other quads and re-position them?

approach #2

  • tried building a spread with small and large quads using counter
  • arrow up (add quad/message), arrow down (reset)

Approach #2 is they way I’d like this to work ideally but the different heights do not play nice together and I think there must be a better way than counter to create the correct spreads for position and size.

Could you point me in the right direction?

quad_postions_help_my_brain_hurts.v4p (62.6 KB)

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