ResetNode feature request or Alt+RightClick as hidden pin


i wonder Alt+RightClick option built in every node as hidden pin ResetNode .
so in case i may need it, i can simply reset node to it defaults.

praktisch. gut.

havent tried this, but you can possibly create a module that you attach to a nodes (hidden) ID output. that module could then do a CreateNode on that ID and thereby replacing it with itself. that should have the same effect as a reset…

doesn’t work for me.
neither with setpatch.

works but only with modules, like in the helppatch…

just wanted to add this cause i am very happy that it works

in my case TUIODecoder turns red after a lot of markers and fingers are on the touch device. after it is back again it got stuck with some values and this can be reseted with create node and the TUIODecoder in a module.

edit: have to correct myself: the bugged node was only fixed afterwards because it replaced the Legacy Node with a fixed version and i didnt know that the fixed version exists so the whole thing was pointless… interesting anyway :D

is there a way to see if this node was red and trigger the reset afterwards other then tty renderer?

you can check whether a node is red via HDEHost in a plugin. it also allows you to do setpatch operations, not sure, if it will trigger a reset though