Reset pin on newton damper etc

why why there is no?
switch is resulting random jumps at times plllllllssss

the patch illustrating the problem

newtonjump.v4p (4.6 kB)

isn’t there one in the advanced ones?

hmm don’t have advanced newton here
yea well on DeNiro, according to the tread need to tweak it
but hating workarounds all the time…
having reset on filters seems quite regular problem.

hi , yes that,s a common thing , Damper (Animation Jump) is quite good for the occasions

ok it’s a tread to to put +1 if with reset our life will be easier!!!

yes of course +1 for reset pin in all filters

+1… no text …

+1 Anything to get rid off those weird glitches :)

a spreaded kill bang for individual slices that will be gone in the next frame would be even more useful than a plain reset.

i think this could be a useful pin for all stateful nodes to allow better spread integrity

reset has been added for simple filter nodes like newton, damper, linearfilter.

@velcrome: your request is clever but would definetly need some further discussions. i am a bit sceptical about if we really should put work into it, since we have found a very promising long term state management solution (you know: that we presented on node, remember the snowflakes).
extra pins on stateful nodes for telling the node to kill or insert states wouldn’t solve the problem of spread integrity by themselves. dealing with them also would add quite some patch logic that could get quite messy. and of course it would need quite some rework and reduces performance of standard cases. soo… it is a tough one.

cool news, thumbs up!

thouse little bonus we made

AspectRatio2d.rar (7.5 kB)