Reset-pin for S+H

ehy, that is a relly easy one for the dev-boys:
Wouldn’t it be just great to have a tiny simple reset-pin for all the Sample&Holds? I’d use it very joyously if there was one…

that reset can be patchted with switch, or and an IObox in bang mode…

Yes of course. I am aware of that.
But after all, any of the S+H-nodes need to be reseted to a default value in most patches. I see resetting as a basic feature for this node and use it very frequently.
The S+H switch OR -combo is basic, but it kind of makes the patch more messy than necessary and even difficult to read sometimes. Especially when the S+Hs come in little crowds and participate in crazy loops…

Considering that resettings happens so often, I find that a built in reset-pin would make sense. Also I imagine this to be quite basic to implement. right?

maybe with an editable default-value hidden inside the inspector?

i would suggest having a pincount in S+H where you would be able to add additional tuples of Inputs and their DoSample pins.
basically resetting is nothing more than holding a sampled value, right?