Reset FileStream Position

Hi there! I need help:

When i play video (with FileStream + VideoTexture + Quad + Renderer), i must restart video (loop is not good). How can I reset FileStream - so the position is on 1 sec?

The problem is, when the PlayButton on FileStream becomes 0, and again on 1, the video is played from the last position (time, when FileStream became 0). It needs to be played from position 0.

Any ideas?

Hi Kolovski

when you want the filestream node to restart you need to band the doseek input when ever your play input goes high.
use togedge for that.

see attatched patch.

regarding loop, have you set end time of the clip to something other than 0 otherwise it will not loop

hope it help you out


resetfilestreampos.v4p (5.2 kB)

Thank you very much! It helped!

Another question about FileStream: is it possible to loop certain part of video? I have video, and i need to loop last 6seconds?

Is this possible?

the start and end time pins of FileStream set the part to loop…

hmmm strange my posts dissappear, except for the previous post although I am not editing that. see the patch I hope you get the use of framedelay.

it is the patch named looplast6secs2.v4p you should get.

looplast6secs.v4p (8.8 kB)
looplast6secs2.v4p (9.3 kB)

No, i ment in a different way. When I play video, first i play it from 1 second to the end, and than the last 6seconds of a movie, must be in a loop.