Reset a video loop node

Hello, I’m working in a video performance with a webcam and a screen. I have a room split in two parts by a wall, in the wall there is a door and the webcam is above the door. With a patch that I made, I’m able to record if someone is entering and passing from the door, this video will appear in loop to the monitor once the recording is finished.
and it’s ok

the problem is that this performance is for one person at time, so I need to erase the video file after 5 minutes and to start again the process for the next person. I have try but with no succes
someone can help me please?

fileloop.v4p (279.1 kB)

If your computer is up for it, you might consider using a Queue (EX9.Texture) for your patch, look at the helpfile, you skip the loading and reloading part. From your patch I am not really sure what you want to do.

You want to restart the video (or Queue) every time a new person comes in, or every 5 minuites exactly? There are some nodes that can handle timing.

Hope you can explain a bit more clear, also where your troubles are, so we can help you a bit better.