Reset a slider without wires

Is it possible to set the y value of an IObox slider without having to disable the UI by wiring it up to anonther node? just wondering :)

This patch uses two sliders to perform coarse/fine adjustments on a value. When you change the coarse value, the fine slider returns to the halfway position. For some reason I can’t find a way to make the actual UI fader reset as well.

thanks for looking

course fine slider.v4p (10.1 kB)

i am afraid. what you’re trying to do here is not possible. a slider can be reset with Strg+Rightclick only. but even then you cannot define a custom default.

this will be possible as soon as we’ve exposed the internal messaging system. but this will still take some releases…

meanwhile you could somehow try to make you slider a relative slider. so that its absolute position doesn’t have any meaning. only changes have an effect.

Thanks for clearing that up Joreg, I figured as much :) I’ll try out the reltive slider idea… which reminds me, how on earth would you ever use an “endless” IObox!!! :)

ahm…endless here just means that is not consrained by and scaled to the range given by minimum and maximum (as is with the Slider mode)