Rescan for Externals (VVVV)

I just bought an Arduino board, and it works with VVVV, thnx MrBenefit for that!! Sometimes, when I start my vvvv patch, the Arduino programm is also runing, and using the (virtual) COMport. So I close the Arduino software, and press CTRL-3 to rescan for externals. It would be great if I could just bang a switch in my Patch to do this.

Same problem goes when I connect a MIDI interface, while vvvv is already running (like in Rico’s), a button on the interface would help a lot, but than I need a node.

It shouldn’t be very hard to make, cozz the function is already in VVVV.

Well, this is my wish for the next release… thnx for reading…

unfortunately every class of devices (com ports, joysticks, cameras, keyboards) does this a little different in windows and it does even more different within vvvv. so thre are still some classes of devices which need a restart of vvvv after connection/disconnection. we will consider the suggestion triggering the rescan with a node, but basically windows supplies information when a device is plugged in, so in an ideal world you´d like to have that information as an output pin somewhere in vvvv as well (and you´ll really love us for working on enumerations again).

Anyway, beware of the little difference between pluggin/unpluggin a device (as you would do with MIDI interfaces) and opening/closing existing devices (as you are describing the vvvv vs the arduino software using the same port). in the latter case the device is still there but simple not available.

as vvvv´s handling of the serial ports is somehow simple (it assumes that there always 32 of them - that was the highest number we actually experienced in a project) it should be enough to re-claim the serial port by enabling/disabling it in vvvv.

and btw. “Rescan for externals” does nothing for physical interfaces but only scans for modules, freeframes and effects in the respective directories to display them in the node creation menues.