Resample (3D Vector) in 35.2 breaks patches

Pins have been renamed in the 35.2 version of Resample (3D Vector), which breaks links in existing patches. The input name has gone from “Input” to “InputXYZ” and the output pin from “Output” to “OutputXYZ”.

Renaming pins on standard library nodes is a REALLY bad idea. Things silently just stop working, requiring digging though patches to figure out what has happened. The missing connections may not be obvious in a complex patch, requiring going through the logic to make sure things get hooked back up properly.

So now I’m going to have to either grep through all my .v4p files looking for Resample to change them, which will then only work on 35+, or dupe that patch into my library, but then any patches I share will have that as a dependency.

The change log just says “Resample (3d Vector) and Resample (Color) have been cleaned up”; that is not a proper statement for a breaking change!

One of my programming mantras: Do not change interfaces, EXTEND them.

Edit: And the input pin “Count” got changed to “Spread Count”.

hei mediadog,

sorry for the inconvenience, here is what went wrong:

first you should know that we do renames of nodes/pins quite regularly and most of the time you don’t notice them because we have a system in place that allows us to do so without breaking patches. have a look at lib\diffff.xml to see the renames we did over the past ~15 years.

so it seems this time we made an mistake when adding the rename-info to difff.xml because what should have happened is that a Resample (3D Vector) in a patch saved with b<35 should have simply been renamed to a Resample (3D Vector Legacy) and everything should have worked as before.

please try to replace your existing lib\diffff.xml with the one attached and re-open your patches. note this will only work for patches that have been saved with b<35! hope it helps. (11.2 KB)

Thanks joreg, I will check it out.

But the meaning of the Spread Count input pin also changed; before it was the number of values, in 35+ it is the number of 3D vectors. So it is not a simple matter of a name change, its behavior has changed requiring changes to the containing patch logic.

Given that, and the addition of new input pins and options, should it not have been added as a new node named “Resample (3D Vector Advanced)”?

Oh, and this broke its help patch too.

the change of functionality of the count pin is exactly the reason why the original module was conserved and only renamed to “legacy”. old patches therefore still work as expected without any change!. but when you create a new Resample (3d Vector) node it now has the expected behavior of the “Spread Count” pin, see?

the help-patch of that new Resample (3d Vector) node also works for me as expected as it already references the new module. so i cannot confirm that problem.

I dropped in the diffff.xml file from above, and that makes old patches all better again. And the new help file does indeed work, I think I must have run a different setup.exe vvvversion while I was testing so it was looking in the wrong place.

Thanks joreg!

glad it worked out and thanks for the report!

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