Request: plugin for spacenavigator

somebody around here able to write a plugin for the spacenavigator?

i bought one for 49 € at
it is a wonderful device for remoting a camera.
currently i’m using it with GlovePIE which is a little bit itchy sometimes.

after experiencing @velcrome wonderful wiimote-plugin i can imagine a spacenavigator plugin working perfect.
unfortunately i am not able to write plugins with c# myself by now.

so community, please help!

… no text … (9.8 kB)

velcrome, i owe you some beer at the next node-festival!!!

wow, that was fast!

heres an (old) camera module for such devices btw:

oha. now i have to buy one of these nipples myself.

oi, now people are already writing plugins faster than you can say GlovePIE …

the missing buttons can be done with a GameController (Devices Analog) .
the attached camera feels like an advertisement for that device…
really pure fun.
now you can use the mouse for the essential things… (17.0 kB)


I have just ordered one of these from amazon and I simply cannot wait!!

meanwhile i don’t use a plugin but the HID node.

the attached camera is completely compatible to the Camera (Transform Softimage).
So you can still use the wellknown shortcuts to control the camera even when you forgot your spacenavigator at home…

Camera (Transform Softimage SpaceNavigator).zip (16.7 kB)