Repeating the process + http refresh

Hi, im trying to create a conceptual visualisation of data, you can see from the attached patch what i am trying to do.

Is there anyway of the automating the process of creating a sphere for every value?? Instead of me having to manually creating one?

My second question is i would like to refresh the data evey 20mins? I do not understand how i can create a timer that will refresh the http request, any examples/help is much appreciated,

many thanks,


sorry, attached file

stock_test_patch.v4p (24.3 kB)

you should remove the get slice and spread the y pin of the transformation with a linear spread for exemple .
But you should do the tutorial to understand how works the spread system in vvvv

stock_test_patch.v4p (10.1 kB)

I just saw an other post where you said that you did the tutorial…
But maybe with my patch you get a better idee how to deal with spread…

Try This,
The values are spreaded coming from the regexp, so simply spread the positions and your there.
The stop watch does the refresh every 20mins, mod simply makes it count from 0 seconds to 20x60seconds then repeat, the equals makes it refresh every time around.


Ahh sanch beat me!

stock_test_patch-2.v4p (14.0 kB)

well i did nothing about the timing stuff…

Hey guys, thank you both for your help. Its most appreciated.