Rendering to emulated webcam stream?

Is there any way to render something in vvvv, and stream that into a webcam feed?


webcam in -> realtime editing done in vvvv -> new video feed replaces original feed, or makes new emulated webcam feed

Is this at all possible?



Check this VHS capture tool at this post
You can specify your render window to be captured and streames as videocam. But its low framerate though.
Different way is to feed it into FugStream and transmit it via TCP or MEM. Depends on your recieving software, if its possible to use Freeframe plugins there.
Or you save it as an avi-file, which is used by an AVI frameserver like AviSynt to emulate livefeed as Avi-file. So, you can open this AVI file like a pre-rendered video, but its actually a live feed. But Im not sure if this is possible by AviSynth.

Cheers, that worked great!

i had already looked at that post, but must have missed it or something.

thanks very much