Renderer VS Preview


Hey gang :D

I’m still learning the basics here, what are the differences between Renderer and Preview?

I’m mostly working with DX11 VLC FileStreams so it seems easier to output the texture to a preview, and avoind the extra steps or applying the texture to some geometry… Does that all make sense?

Also, is there a database anywhere organized by input/outputs?



Renderer you mostly want for an output, since it has some extra control e.g. full screen pin, formats, some other stuff… Preview is an essence of renderer with more simplified controls and optimized for working with 2d textures.

About database no clue what you are talking about…


Thanks for the clarification @antokhio!

As far as what I mean when I say Database.

The Node Reference allows me to sort by things like Category or Author, and if I click on a node in the list I can see detailed information about it, including Inputs, Outputs, Subtype, Slicemode etc…

What I am curious about is whether there is a database somewhere where I can sort nodes those features?

Like, “show me all nodes that have an Integer input” for example :D

Hope that makes sense :D


if you middle click in a node browser you can see nodes by category (double click to start adding the node then middle click in that field)


Sure, but the categories are not organized by input type.

For example, in the Value category we can find the “-” node and the “=” node. Both nodes have REAL input subtypes, but “=” outputs BOOLEAN subtypes while “-” outputs REAL subtypes.

I’m curious if there is a place to see nodes organized by input/output subtypes.

Hope that makes more sense, thanks for taking the time to help :D


the closes thing to that would be the node reference. it’s not ordered by pin types, but you have tags to sort them:


Well normally you have logic nodes =, and, or. Then you have additional logic nodes (flow control) flipflop, monoflop, multiflipflop, togedge, switch, s+h. Then you have spread operators select, getslice. Then you have also a framedelay and avoidnil. Everything else mostly done from combining thouse (logicwise)… and it’s all in the docs


Thanks for your help everyone!

VVVV is rocking my world and a big part of that is the awesome community :D