Renderer turn off

is there any way to turn off (turn to black) 1 by 1 renderer in a multiscreen. eg.: i have 10 screens qith a video divided in slices so every renderer has it’s part of video. I want to turn off 1 screen by 1. is that possible?

just draw a black quad over it, the SetAlpha (Color) is handy here.

thanks tonfilm, i just solved in another way, I need to turn off one by one and turn on all very quicly so I create a group node and then addan iobox toggling between on of on single render and 1 connected to all ioboxes so if i click on second one I just turn on or off all the renderers and it doesen’t matter if they are on or off.
but I have another question
I would like to create an automatic fader/mixer between 2 or more sources and I would like to press the button and fade to the next movie I tried with LFO on hls value and it works but I can’t stop LFO when it arrives to 1, is there any way to block it if it reaches a value, it’s a simple if then or if else routin but it’s non so clear to me how to create it in vvvv

but I can’t stop LFO when it arrives to 1

Make an LFO only run once

But perhaps you can also use a toggle to switch sourches, and use a linearfilter as LFO.

Run1Switch.v4p (11.8 kB)

linear filter is the solution thanks west