Renderer/Shader patching environment in Gamma

This could be a stupid question, but I am still confusing. Is there any working environment of patching renderer, camera, shader, …etc. in Gamma version? Or, how can I link up the Beta patching environment to Gamma’s VL editor? Now, when I am working on beta, if I right-clicked a vl node, a beta version of vl editor would be opened. (What I am now doing is: edit my vl in gamma editor, then reload the vl document in beta editor.)

hei neuston,

gamma so far comes without anything 3d. but we’ve announced and demonstrated what is to come.

regarding your confusion let me try to explain: there is beta and gamma, two independent environments. but both share the vl-language and editor. so the idea is: as long as you need any of the beta-features, use beta and vl in there. otherwise use gamma. hope that makes sense.

Thank you :) Looking forward to the VL / Xenko version

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