Renderer properties in Inspector

would be great if the Inspector could display the properties of a Renderer when its window is selected. right now it’s necessary to find the node of the Renderer for that. cheers.

thought about that, but then by default you’d loose the inspektors current selection that may point to a node you want to watch while clicking in the renderer. you could of course still do that by attaching the node to the inspektor, but i think it would be more annoying than the current missing quicklink to change a renderers settings…there must be a better way to do this…

As a side thought and a bit off topic, what about the idea of having the inspektor to work as other nodes in fashion of a hidden/tab/windowed manner?
Example: select a node, hit ctrl-i, inspektor appears, select inspektor, hit alt-2, the inspektor goes in tabbed mode, inside the patch.
This of course would only make sense in a “primitive” node and not in a sub-patch.
It also may work with alt-1-2-3 for windowing mode and ctrl-1-2-3 for inspektor windowing mode…

io, alt 1,2,3 and even ALT-enter work also for Inspektor…

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mmm how does it actually work?

EDIT: ok now i see it but whenever I hit alt-2 on an Inspektor it goes to the root patch instead of the patch where the node is… I have to cut and paste form the root patch… am I doing something wrong?

Also my idea was that the Inspektor would dock to the node, now it is independent from the node itself…

if you make an Inspektor in the node browser inside your patch
then you an alt-1,2,3 it with respect to your patch

or cut/paste it from root into your patch

it will be nice to have an inspector attached to a node… no matter where you click… and lets say that you hay 2 nodes selected, to have a dropdown list inside the inspetor to your “favories” nodes